May 2022

Stories to Grow By 

May 2022 Newsletter

In this edition: Stories to Grow By updates the Home Page design, informs you of a storytelling event, and showcases our story "The Wise Young Girl Becomes Head of the Household".

Home Page Update

Highlighting a new look to the Stories to Grow By homepage.

This week, we rolled out an update to our homepage. This is a simple update but should help new and returning users find exactly what they are looking for or dive deeper into our story offerings. When you visit the Stories to Grow By homepage you will be greeted by scroll bars that highlight new and popular stories within their specific category. These include Classic Stories, World Tales, curated Editor Picks, and FREE teaching resources for Educators


Check out a small look above and visit our homepage to see the full update yourself.

Storytelling Event!

A look at an upcoming StoryGym for storytellers!

Last month we featured First Person Arts (FPA), a storytelling non-profit company aiming to transform the drama of real life into memoir and documentary art. We highlighted FPA's belief that everyone has a story to tell and that sharing stories connects us with each other and the world. This month we are excited to announce that Stories to Grow By's Executive Director, Joshua Tull, will be a featured Guest Coach in an upcoming "StoryGym" with FPA on May 12th at 8PM.



StoryGym's are FPA's all-access open mic and workshop series for any and all storytellers! The StoryGym is a monthly Facebook Live event featuring Guest Story Coaches. You can participate and tell a story yourself for a small $5.00 USD registration fee. OR you can simply watch live, for FREE, by following them on Facebook! We encourage our subscribers to join the event and watch live!

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Stories to Grow By Donation Campaign

Stories to Grow By asks for your support.

We are asking for your direct financial support. The reality is our offerings and content require financial support to keep everything running. We rely on donations and generous gifts to keep us going. 

We are asking all our subscribers, no matter what size, to support us financially if you can. Even a small donation would mean so much and help us forge ahead and realize our goals. So, if Stories to Grow By helped you in some way or provided some value to you, please consider contributing.

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Illustrated By: Suzie Chang

The Wise Young Girl Becomes Head of the Household

May 2022 Featured Story

This month we are featuring our story called "The Wise Young Girl Becomes Head of the Household". This is a story about three brides who are tasked with finding rare and impossible items. One of the three is extremely wise beyond her years and overcomes all the obstacles placed in her way. 

The story is a powerful lesson of approaching situations logically and with humility, defying normal roles, and forging your own path.

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