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Classroom Challenges: Learning


This page provides educators with access to a collection of FREE learning stories for kids! Educators deal with many challenges in today's modern classroom. Overcoming learning barriers with curiosity, creativity, and perseverance are paths towards deeper understanding. Our free learning stories help educators by showing characters who have overcome learning barriers to change their lives.

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Why is it important to address learning differences in the classroom?

Understanding barriers to learning is a daunting but essential task for educators. Whether for students with learning difficulties who are struggling to keep up OR students exhibiting academic excellence who are not engaged. Stories to Grow By provides stories, lesson plans, and tools to assist educators in navigating these challenges.

The more educators understand differences among their students, the deeper their understanding and engagement in the classroom. Research shows that there are three major categories that are important for teaching those who may be in the classroom. These categories are students’ learning styles (Learner Preferences), approaches to learning (Student Interest), and intellectual development levels (Student Readiness).


What else can you do?

Stories to Grow By provides a great collection of learning stories, resources, and lesson plans for educators and their classroom. However, there is also a great collection of information on the web to help you address learning differences in your classroom.

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More Teaching Resources from Stories to Grow By

In addition to our learning stories, Stories to Grow By also offers a multitude of other teaching resources! We provide over 100 free bedtime stories, fairy tales, folk tales, readers theater play scripts, and performance notes!

You are bound to find the stories and materials you need for your classroom with Stories to Grow By.

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