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Parents Picks 2023 and 2024 Winners!

Stories to Grow By is honored to be recognized as one of the winners of the 2023 Parents' Picks awards and the 2024 Parents' Pick awards!

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It is challenging to identify a single “most crucial” age for children, as child development is a continuous and complex process that unfolds over time. Different developmental milestones and critical periods occur at various ages, and each stage of childhood has its unique significance. At Parents’ Picks Awards, we understand the need for learning, play, social and emotional development, and more. This year, The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023 is focusing on products and services that help children in the following ways:

  1. Foundation of Academic Skills: Elementary school provides the foundation for the development of academic skills in core subjects such as reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. These foundational skills form the basis for further learning and academic success in later years.
  2. Social and Emotional Development: Elementary school is a critical time for social and emotional development. Children learn to navigate social relationships, interact with peers and teachers, and develop important social skills such as cooperation, communication, and empathy. They also learn to manage emotions, develop self-awareness, and build resilience.
  3. Cognitive Development: Elementary school promotes cognitive development by challenging children to think critically, solve problems, and develop cognitive skills such as logical reasoning, analysis, and synthesis. Children also learn to apply knowledge and skills to real-life situations, fostering their cognitive growth and development.
  4. Building Independence and Responsibility: Elementary school provides opportunities for children to develop independence and responsibility. They learn to manage their time, follow routines, complete assignments, and take ownership of their learning. These skills are essential for their future academic success and personal growth.
  5. Exposure to Diverse Learning Experiences: Elementary school exposes children to a wide range of learning experiences, including classroom instruction, hands-on activities, group projects, and extracurricular activities. These experiences broaden their horizons, encourage exploration and discovery, and help them identify their interests and talents.
  6. Development of Study Habits and Learning Skills: Elementary school helps children develop study habits, organizational skills, and effective learning strategies that are crucial for their academic success in later years. They learn to manage their assignments, develop study plans, and engage in self-directed learning, which sets the stage for lifelong learning.
  7. Formation of Positive Attitudes towards School and Learning: Elementary school plays a crucial role in shaping children’s attitudes towards school and learning. Positive experiences in elementary school can foster a love for learning, promote curiosity, and build a solid foundation for a child’s educational journey.
  8. Physical Development: Play allows children to engage in physical activities such as running, jumping, climbing, and playing sports, which promotes the development of gross and fine motor skills. Physical play also helps develop coordination, strength, and balance, and encourages a healthy and active lifestyle.

All of winners of The Best Products for Elementary Kids 2023 & 2024 match one or more of these categories that we believe are essential to a child’s development.