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December 2021 Newsletter

In this edition: Stories to Grow By provides Readers Theater information, wraps up the formal feedback campaign and features the story of The Ugly Duckling!


Readers Theater Play Scripts Strengthen Comprehension

Did you know that a large selection of Stories to Grow By's tales have FREE readers theater play scripts to compliment them? That's right! Our collection of Play Scripts and Performance Notes for Kids and the Classroom come from our award-winning Stories for Kids.  

Our scripts are a great way for parents, guardians, educators, drama teachers, and play directors to engage with their students and casts. Readers theater increases understanding and comprehension, while helping students increase fluency and practice public speaking.

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Stories to Grow By Wraps Up Feedback Campaign

The last few months, we have been asking you to submit feedback to us and you continued to deliver time and time again! If you haven't already, click HERE to take our survey and receive our exclusive FREE EBOOK - Whootie Owl's Guide to Parenting!

This month will be our final round of collecting this formal feedback! So be sure to claim your FREE EBOOK NOW! Thank you to ALL who participated in the survey the last few months. These insights have already been helping us tailor our offerings to the community.



New Illustrations

We continue to update some of our most popular stories with brand new illustrations! One being our featured story this month, The Ugly Duckling but several others as well.

Take a look:

The Hidden Scar

The Hidden Scar

The Queen and the Dancing Mouse

The Queen & the Mouse

The Long Winter

The Long Winter



The Ugly Duckling: December 2021 Featured Story

Illustrated By: Stella Wei

Story Summary

The Ugly Duckling is the classic tale of a duckling hatching and not quite fitting in.

The Ugly Duckling looks different from his brothers and sisters. They do not let him play with them and it leads him to flying over the fence, looking for a place to fit in. Eventually he finds he was destined to grow into a beautiful bird of a different kind.

The Ugly Duckling displays moral themes such as anti-bullying, not judging others, as well as being true to yourself.


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A Sampling of Readers Comments from The Ugly Duckling

"At the start no one wanted the ugly duckling besides the farmer who took care of him but eventually everyone admired him. I am so happy for the ugly duckling. So if you trust in yourself you will always achieve greatness."

-Comment from Nathan 

"Maybe you were not perfect yesterday but maybe today you’ll be perfect, like the ugly duckling."

-Comment from Jurian

"What a GREAT story. The ugly duckling reminds me of myself, because I am the ugly duckling."

-Comment from Abby



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The Ugly Duckling

A Mama Duck is proud when her ducklings hatch, but one does not look like the others.

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