March 2022

Featuring "The Mitten" and "The Greatest Gift"

Stories to Grow By Highlights A New Folktale

March 2022 Newsletter

In this edition: Stories to Grow By highlights a unique Ukrainian Folktale, reminds you of new website features, and showcases our story "The Greatest Gift".

The Mitten - A Ukrainian Folktale

Highlighting a Ukrainian Folktale

In this edition, we wanted to take a moment and highlight a wonderful Ukrainian folktale.

The story is called "The Mitten". Deep in the woods on the coldest day of winter a little boy drops his mitten. And that lost mitten stretches and stretches—and stretches—to provide shelter for many woodland creatures. Check out the wonderful story as narrated by Zest2Teach below:

The Mitten was originally published in 1964 and was adapted from E. Rachev’s version of the Ukrainian folktale. Yaroslava’s distinctly charming illustrations and Alvin Tresselt’s detailed text are as timeless and universal as the story itself.

The Mitten is perfect for children between the ages of 4-8! Be sure to watch the storytelling video above. You can also purchase the text by clicking HERE.

Reminder: We Updated Our Look!

Stories to Grow By rolled out new features last month.

In February, we launched our brand new look and layout for the website. 

While the website generally remains unaltered, we made it easier to help you get to the content you want. 

There is now three major destinations on Stories to Grow By. These still include our #1 Collection of Bedtime Stories. However, we also now have a destination for World Tales, where you can locate stories by Continent and Country! Additionally, we added an all new Educators Section for teachers, tutors, and educators alike. The Educators Section contains not just stories but lesson plans, activity guides, graphic organizers, writing prompts, play scripts, and more!


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We are asking for your direct financial support. The reality is our offerings and content require financial support to keep everything running. We rely on donations and generous gifts to keep us going. 

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The Greatest Gift: The Tale of Auden and His Bear

Illustrated By: Jesse Einhorn-Johnson

The Greatest Gift: The Tale of Audun and His Bear

March 2022 Featured Story

This month we are featuring the story called "The Greatest Gift: The Tale of Audun and His Bear".

The story takes place a thousand years ago in the western fjord of Iceland. A young boy named Audun lives a simple life with his widowed mother, but he yearns for adventure in faraway lands. When Audun sets out on an adventure, he finds a polar bear and meets kings of faraway lands. What does Audun learn about the world?

The Greatest Gift is a wonderful tale that depict themes of honoring your word, kindness, and generosity.   

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