About Stories to Grow By’s Bedtime Stories

How We're Different


Stories to Grow by is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the best treasury of stories and reader's theater scripts which are kid-tested and provide children with meaningful experiences that will last a lifetime.


What is Different About 'Stories to Grow' by and Our Stories?

We are the WORLD'S FIRST Kid-tested and Kid-approved collection of folk & fairy tales based on themes of human ethics. Our stories are diverse, non-denominational and contain themes of kindness, justice, and love.


Who is Whootie Owl?

Whootie Owl is Stories to Grow By's mascot and represents top-notch fairy tales that promote positive ethics. The stories are 100% non-denominational. The owl has symbolized wisdom in folktales & fairy tales throughout the ages. Whootie Owl will be your friendly guide through this web site. A friend to kids and grown-ups!

What does "Kid Tested" mean?

Kid-Testing is what sets apart Stories to Grow By from other story collections. The stories you'll find on this website are comprised entirely of stories that passed Kid-Testing with flying colors!


How does Kid Testing work?

Stories are read aloud to a group of kids. As a given reading progresses, revisions are immediately written into the story, and in this way each story is perfected to best please the audience. Considering understanding, interest, etc.


How are stories rated?

At the end of the reading, the kids are asked to rate the stories they heard. Only the stories that are chosen as clear favorites by the kids are deemed to have passed Kid-Testing and can join the Stories to Grow By collection. The other stories are dropped. What happens if most, but not all, of the kids in a group say they love a story? The kids who don't love it are asked why. If the problem is correctable, the story is revised and tested later with a fresh group of kids. If the problem isn't correctible, the story is dropped.

By live Kid-Testing, Whootie Owl ensures that only stories that are the best crowd-pleasers make-up Stories to Grow By. Kid-Testing is performed by Whootie Owl (assisted by Whootie's human agent Elaine Lindy) in a variety of settings -- classes are held at libraries, schools, bookstores (Barnes & Nobles) & at other gathering places.

Please Enjoy!