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In this edition: Stories to Grow By features The Golden Goose

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New Illustrations

We continue to update some of our most popular stories with brand new illustrations! One being our featured story this month, The Golden Goose, but several others as well.

Take a look:

Weighing The Elephant

Weighing The Elephant

A Surprise in the Oven

A Surprise in the Oven


A Story From Confucius

Hercules and His Labors

Hercules & His Labors

The Story of the Aged Mother

Story of the Aged Mother



The Golden Goose: November 2021 Featured Story

The Golden Goose - Brothers Grimm

Illustrated By: Stella Wei

Story Summary

The Golden Goose is the tale of a young man who travels into the woods to chop some wood and makes a wonderful discover - a golden goose!

Everyone surrounding this young man wants the goose for themselves and tries to take it from him and unfortunately they get stuck to it. Meanwhile, the princess of the land is looking for a husband in someone could make her laugh. The young man, promising good fortune in the golden feathers and promising to always makes her laugh, offers his hand to the princess.

The Golden Goose displays noble qualities to look for in others and the cost greed can charge on you and others.


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A Sampling of Readers Comments from October, 2021

"Be yourself at all times."

-Comment from Eve S. on the story Haku's Power

"Always be patient and work hard and with love."

-Comment from Ray on the story The Lion's Whisker

"Never give up hope."

-Comment from Clyde on the story Hansel and Gretel


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The Golden Goose - Brothers Grimm

The Golden Goose

A parade of villagers get stuck to Simpleton and his goose. Based on the Grimm Brothers’ tale.

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