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October 2021 Newsletter

In this edition: Stories to Grow By highlights feedback, updates new story illustrations, and features the Aesop Fable: "Androcles & the Lion"!

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New Illustrations To Feast Your Eyes On

Over the past few weeks we have been updating some of our most popular stories with brand new illustrations! One being our featured story this month, Androcles and the Lion, but several others as well.

Take a look:

The Bear Feast Story

The Bear Feast Story

Sima Guang Breaks the Vat

Sima Guang Breaks the Vat

Boots and his brothers

Boots and His Brothers

The Girl Who Changed Her Fate

Girl Who Changed Her Fate

The Apple Dumpling Story

Apple Dumpling Story



Androcles and the Lion: October 2021 Featured Story

Androcles and the Lion

Illustrator: Tristan Liu

Story Summary

Androcles and the Lion is an Aesop Fable centered around the themes of helping others, personal dilemma's, and standing for what you believe in.

The tale tells the story of Androcles after he has escaped slavery. Androcles finds himself in a forest and is comes face to face with a Lion. Instead of attacking him, the Lion asks for help in removing a thorn stuck in his paw. Androcles helps the Lion and removes the thorn. 

Soon after, Androcles finds himself condemned to death for fleeing from his slave master. Androcles is thrown to the Lion's but is once again met with that same Lion whom he helped remove the thorn. After being freed, Androcles and the Lion both enjoy their liberty once more.


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Be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think the story is trying to show you!


Featured Readers Comments for Androcles and the Lion

"Always helping others is what matters."


"Help others no matter what."


"You have to be brave and don't be afraid"



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Bedtime Stories | Androcles and the Lion Story

Androcles and the Lion

A Bedtime Stories Classic: The story of Androcles, an escaped slave, who meets a lion in the woods. An Aesop fable.

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