December 2022

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December 2022 Newsletter

In this edition: Stories to Grow By highlights sharing family stories, and showcases the story "The Long Winter".

The Holidays! A Perfect Time to Share Family Stories

Stories are a tie that can help us connect to one another.

"Escape the rush of the holiday season and turn off the television and the video games. Do what has become an increasingly rare occurrence in a stress filled world; sit down with your children, parents and stepparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and neighbors and talk to one another. Sing songs. Play silly games. Recite poetry and verse. Read traditional stories aloud. Share secrets. Tell each other the stories of your lives."

This is a suggestion given by The National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance for the holiday season. The holiday season is a wonderful time to give thanks, share time with those most important to you, and of course - to share stories. Sharing stories does not have to be formal but can be done in natural moments when you are spending time with the ones in your life. One example could be: Before sitting down for your holiday dinner, set an old family photo next to each place setting. Ask each family member to tell the story about the photograph sometime during dinner. Of course if you would like to have more formal story time and can't think of anything - we have you covered.


The Long Winter

December 2022 Featured Story

The Long Winter is a story that takes place before any humans walked the Earth. When the world was the land of the animals, and a very long winter set in. It was snowing all the time and all the animals in the land had to come together to overcome their hardships.

The Long Winter is a wonderful tale about perseverance, friendship, and giving - excellent for the Holiday season.

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