Introducing PlayAloud

Introducing PlayAloud: Interactive Play Scripts Designed to Energize Young Readers

What is PlayAloud?

We know our Stories to Grow By community is looking for a way to engage readers and build Fluency, Expression, and Confidence! With that, we are happy to introduce you to PlayAloud.

A PlayAloud is an interactive play script! Each PlayAloud is designed to energize and engage young readers around the world.

Uniquely, PlayAloud offers Audio Playback Buttons beside the speaking lines of each role in our exclusive kid-tested play scripts.


Here’s How PlayAloud Works

  • Facilitator assigns roles from one of our exclusive kid-tested play scripts to a group of young Players.
  • Players practice their speaking lines by playing an Audio Playback Button located beside each section of dialog. They can choose to practice in private if they prefer.
  • By repeatedly hearing their lines read aloud with accuracy, expression & intonation – players practicing their role will build Fluency, Expression, and Confidence – without even realizing it.
  • Then all players gather to read aloud the PlayAloud script. Players can now read with expression and confidence!
  • PlayAloud also offers exclusive, innovative Games & Activities for yet more opportunities for players to practice and have fun, while further honing their reading skills.



PlayAloud Membership

Everyone may access ACT 1 of each of our PlayAloud scripts absolutely FREE. And now through January 7th, Stories to Grow By readers can use code FOUNDER at checkout to try PlayAloud at the monthly level FREE until January 7th, 2023!



Membership Benefits:

  • Full Access to every available full PlayAloud script
  • Full Audio Tracking for every PlayAloud script including each individual character
  • Full Access to all Games & Activities for each PlayAloud script
  • Membership Profiles
  • Access to New, Regularly Added Content as long as your membership remains active


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