November 2022

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November 2022 Newsletter

In this edition: Stories to Grow By highlights the positive impact of the theme of "Thankfulness", and showcases the story "The Talking Eggs".

Thankfulness - A Powerful Theme for Children

The theme of thankfulness can be positive!

Children, especially those that are younger, can be uncomfortable or unsure around unfamiliar adults. This can often explain the seeming lack of manners or gratitude sometimes seen in children after being assisted by or given something from an adult outside of their own household. Often times guardians, parents, and educators have to remind young children to mind their manners. While we won't get into the research around that, it is important to deliver themes of thankfulness and gratitude to young readers.

Insisting that children express gratitude for someone’s kindness should not be a harsh tactic or to make them feel awkward (contrary to what they might think). Rather, gratitude helps us feel happier and get the most out of life. When children are feeling down, forget their manners, or need a reminder about all the good things they have, it's important to have them learn so through literature. Explore a sampling of our stories centered around thankfulness and kindness HERE.


The Talking Eggs

November 2022 Featured Story

The Talking Eggs is a powerful story about choice, destiny, and being thankful. A powerful story and message that goes with the common November theme of "Giving Thanks" and being with family.

The story follows two sisters who are presented with a series of choices to make. Both sisters have different temperaments...and approaches to life. Read the story to find out more!

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