Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Listen to Snow White while you read along! 

Part 1: Mirror, Mirror

ONCE UPON A TIME, a Princess named Snow White lived in a castle with her father the King and her Stepmother the Queen. Her father always reminded his daughter that above all else, a royal family must be fair. Said he: “People over all the land come here to the castle with disputes. They need their ruler to hear each side and make a decision that's fair.”

The Queen, Snow White’s stepmother, knew how important being fair was to her husband. She asked her magic mirror:  “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

“Snow White is the fairest of them all!” said the Magic Mirror.

“What?!” shouted the Queen in surprise.  “No one is more fair than I!  The Queen must be the best at everything.  What's more fair than that?”

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

“Snow White is the fairest of them all!” asserted the Magic Mirror again.

The Queen shook her fists.  “What do you know? - you’re a mirror!”  and she stormed off. 

Still, the Queen was bothered.  So bothered that the Queen decided to be rid of the girl, once and for all. 

“I cannot wait another day!” she decided.  The Queen called for her servant, a huntsman.  “Find a reason to take Snow White deep into the woods tomorrow,” she said, pointing her long fingernail at the servant. “And kill her.”

The huntsman was shocked!  But she was the Queen - what could he do?  The next day he took Snow White into the woods.  As he drew his knife to slay her, Snow White turned around.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

“Look,” she said, taking something out of her pocket.  She held in front of him six perfect animal shapes carved of wood. “Do you like them?” she said.  “I made them for you.”

“Snow White,” said the huntsman.  “I cannot do this!”

“Of course you must accept these, they are a gift,” said Snow White.

"That's not what I meant," said the servant.  “How can I say this?  The Queen, your stepmother, ordered me to kill you.” The huntsman dropped to his knees.  “But I cannot!”

“She what?” Snow White called out with alarm.

“You must run away!” said the huntsman.  “Far away.  Now!  And never come back to the castle!”

Snow White turned and ran into the woods as fast as she could. 


Part 2: The Dark Woods

Deeper and deeper into the darkening woods she ran.  Wolves were starting to howl.  She tripped and tore her skirt, but kept running.  Tall tree branches seemed to reach down to the very ground to grab her, but she kept running.  She was scratched, bleeding, and scared, but ran on till she could run no more.

All of a sudden a blinked from light far in the distance.  Who would live so deep in the woods?  She stepped up closer to the light.  It came from a cottage, yet no sound came from the cottage, only the flickering light from the windows.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

“Hello?” she said, knocking softly on the door.  “Hello?” No answer.  The door was a little bit open.  She opened it some more and stepped in.  “Is anyone home?” 

She looked around.  What a mess!  She had never seen such an untidy space.

“This cottage may look like a disaster,” she thought.  “But it's a roof over my head. Maybe if I clean up around here, I can earn my stay tonight.”

As she cleaned, she thought of someone.  Before her father married the Queen her stepmother, she and a Prince who lived in a nearby kingdom were spending time together.  When he visited, they would take walks in the royal garden, tell each other stories of life at court, and laugh at all the oddities that was the life they led.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

However once her father re-married, the Stepmother made a new rule – no more visitors.  It wasn't seemly, she said in a firm voice.  Now the Prince had to slip over the castle gate in secret. The Prince would call out to her from under her bedroom window and they could talk a bit that way. They had to keep their voices low so it wasn’t as good as walking in the royal garden, but it was the best they could manage.  

She fretted, if she never returned again to the castle would she ever see him again?  What would he think of her when he came to visit and she was no longer there?


Part 3: What Kind of Magic is This?

After Snow White cleaned up the living room, she climbed a ladder to the attic.  Upstairs seven little beds, sized as if for children, were lined up in a row.  Tired from cleaning, Snow White yawned and lay directly across all seven beds.  Exhausted, before she could even stretch out her arms she was fast asleep.

In the meantime, the Seven Dwarfs were headed home from a long day of working in the jewel mines.  When they opened their door, you can imagine their surprise when their cottage glistened with cleanliness!

“What kind of magic is this?” said one of the Dwarfs, rubbing his eyes in disbelief.  He was Grumpy.

"What kind of magic is this?" said one of the Dwarfs, rubbing his eyes in disbelief.

“I wouldn’t mind more magic like this!” said another of the Dwarfs with a grin.  He was Dopey.

“We'd better check the attic,” said another Dwarf, whose name was Doc.  “Something is strange around here, take my word for it.  We better be prepared for anything. Well, we might as well go upstairs and see what we find.”

Much to their surprise, lying across all their beds was a young lady with a sweet face, fast asleep. 

“Who are you?” said all the Dwarfs at once. 

Snow White bolted awake.  The Seven Dwarfs could tell she was as surprised as they were.  When everyone calmed down, they started to tell their stories. 

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White learned their names – Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, and Sneezy. She told them about life in the castle, and her stepmother.  That her stepmother had tried to get the huntsman to kill her.  That the huntsman had told her she must escape into the woods.  And that she could never go back home again.

“Stay here with us,” said Bashful. 

“How nice of you,” said Snow White, “but if I were to stay here, I would have to do something for all of you.”

“You already cleaned up,” said Sneezy, and then sneezed. 

"Oh dear, there's more dusting to do," said Snow White.  “We could all make the house even tidier and keep it that way as long as everyone pitches in.  I can let everyone know what part they can do.  And I will do my share too, of course.”

“That’s fair,” said Happy.

“There must be something else I can do for you,” said Snow White.

The Seven Dwarfs shrugged.

“Do you know how to read?” said Doc.  "We have books with wonderful pictures and would love to be able to read them." So it was agreed that Snow White would teach them all to read.   

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

To celebrate their new friendship, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs sang and danced the night away. 


Part 4: Do Not Open The Door

The next morning before they left for work, the Seven Dwarfs warned Snow White she must not open the door to anyone.  After all, who knows what evil her Stepmother might do?  The Princess nodded, and the Dwarfs left the house.  The Princess prepared her first reading lesson. She also prepared a good hot meal for the Seven Dwarfs for when they returned home later that night.  And so the day passed.

Back at the castle, the Queen marched up to her mirror.  “Mirror, mirror on the wall," she demanded.  "Who is the fairest of them all?”

“Snow White is the fairest of them all!” said the Magic Mirror.

“That is impossible!” screamed the Queen.  “The girl is no longer alive!”

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

“Snow White lives!” said the Magic Mirror.  And an image on the mirror showed Snow White living in the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs.

The Queen filled with rage.  She screamed, “Who does she think she is?!  Snow White will not get away with this!”


Part 5: The Apple, The Coffin, and The Prince

At the cottage of the Dwarfs the next afternoon, when the Seven Dwarfs were away at work, there was a knock on the door.

“Who is it?” said Snow White.  She remembered the warning of the Seven Dwarfs not to open the door to anyone.

“It’s only a poor old woman,” came a squeaky voice, “selling apples.” Yet in fact, it was the evil Queen disguised as an old woman.  “It’s raining outside, dearie,” said her voice through the door.  “Please let me in.”

“Poor thing," thought Snow White, "having to go door to door selling apples in the rain."  She opened the door.

“Take a look at this big red apple,” said the old woman, who as you know was really the Queen in disguise. She held the red apple close to Snow White’s face.  “Lovely, my dear, isn’t it?  For only a few coins, it is yours."

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

“I would like very much to buy your apple,” said Snow White. “But I have no money.”

“That fine comb in your hair will make a good trade,” said the old woman.

“All right then!” said Snow White.  She gave her comb to the old woman, and took the apple in return.  With relish, Snow White took a big bite.  Alas, the fruit was poisoned!  At once, Snow White swooned to the ground where she fell into a very deep sleep. 

“She is DOWN!” shouted the Queen, pumping the air with her fists. 

Just then the door flew open.  In marched the Seven Dwarfs, home from the day's work.  Shocked indeed they were to find Snow White lying on the floor and what must be her Stepmother beside her, laughing!

In marched the Seven Dwarfs, home from the day's work.

They chased the evil Queen out the door and into the storm.  Up to the very top of a mountain they chased her, when all of a sudden, lightning hit the mountain.  The Queen fell!  And she was never seen again.

But nothing could help poor Snow White.  She stayed absolutely still in her deep sleep.  The Seven Dwarfs gently lifted her into a glass coffin.  Day and night they kept watch over her, weeping for sorrow.

One day, the Prince happened to ride by the Dwarf's cottage.  Ever since he learned that Snow White was missing at the castle, he knew something must be terribly wrong.  He hopped on his horse and had been searching for her ever since.  Now he finally found her, but in such a state! The Prince lifted the lid to the glass coffin.  Her face seemed so fresh, even in that deep sleep. 

The Prince gently took one of Snow White's hands in his own and kissed it.  At once, Snow White’s eyes opened. With Love's First Kiss, the evil Queen's spell was gone forever! The Seven Dwarfs let out a big cheer.  The Prince and Snow White leaned towards each other.  Delighted to find each other again, they smiled.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Now nothing stood in the way for Snow White and the Prince to be together.  They bid a fond farewell to the Seven Dwarfs and returned to the Prince's kingdom, where they could be safe and live free.  Before long they were married and lived happily ever after.




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  1. I’m Japanese.
    I’m learning English now.
    I think fairly tale is good teaching materials.
    I was looking for a site like this.
    I’m happy to find this :)
    I’ll continue to study English hard!
    Thank you for this site’s staffs.

  2. Thank you for the different type of story. Here are some comments from our Grade 2B Class.

    – I learned in the story that Snow White went upstairs and fell asleep on seven little beds – Aisha N
    – I learned not to open the door to someone I do not know. – Zikra M
    – There was a magic mirror that always told the truth. -Aisha S
    – The grandma was acting evil and I was worried about the apple. – Mostafa
    – I learned that the queen talked to the mirror and the mirror talked back and the queen did not like what the mirror said. – AbdulMueed
    – I think Snow White should not have eaten the apple. -Radiya
    – All my students enjoyed the story thank you for putting it on the internet – Mrs. Ellen

  3. What I learned about today’s topic called ‘Snow White’ is that we should be nice, and everybody is beautiful the way they are made. Also greed kills.

  4. I think it is truly trying to tell you that you should never open your door or take anything from a stranger!!!!!!!????

  5. You are doing soo good on keep us active by reading
    I listened to it and was reading
    Thank you sooo much for making this Snow White video
    You are AWESOME ?
    I have exams now so I thought of reading these story books ? and doing my exam
    And BOOM ? ? this blowed up my mind
    These books are soo good
    It is keeping our knowledge way to up I am soo happy with this THANK YOU for keeping me active I love you ?❤️?

  6. Wow it is such a nice story I actually acted like this story and it felt like I was in this story I love all your story books i have a reading competition and these story’s are soo good ????❤️❤️


  8. Omg i love this story. Thank you sooo much for making this. Well you didn’t invent
    this story, but it’s super cute. And also my mom read this to me. We enjoyed this story.
    We also took photos. You are AMAZING!!!?❤️???????

  9. 1. Because Snow White is more beautiful than her cruel evil stepmother.

    2. Snow white grows beautiful, kind, brave and helpful ❤ ♥ She grows because her father takes good care of her before death.

    3. What it means to be fair, kind, lovely ? ? & helpful, and do not be cruel.

  10. I think that Snow White should not have eaten the apple but the reason why she ate it is because she didn’t know that it was poisoned. If she did, now she wouldn’t eat it. That’s what I think. In mind.

  11. That you should never trust a lady with a apple that you do not know because if you do then you will just die so never trust somebody that you do not know and they have an apple for you did that Apple can probably do bad things to you

  12. It was nice and good and fun to read before bed because it’s a nice story for kids and the good grammar, and kids should now know to ask and if they recognize it then to open the door, if they don’t reject it. I loved the part with the mirror cause kids believe in magic, bye now. Xx

  13. The story of Snow White is very interesting and it can give a moral lesson. Also, jealousy is not good. It also gives
    enjoyment to the reader. Thank you

  14. I read this story to my little brother, and he loved it! Thanks for the awesome stories, it made putting him to bed so easy!!! Wish you the best of luck!!!

  15. DEAR POET,


  16. Snow White was the fairest of them all as her father instilled this in her as a child and had always said to his daughter that she must be fair to everyone at court. He taught her that nothing is more important than to be fair.

    Snow White not only cleaned the house, she made them food and also helped at the Mine. She with out a doubt done her fair share…

    Great story, I loved reading it to my daughter, Mia – thank you..

  17. It is a really nice story to read for children. It shows a lot of details in the story to express the feelings of Snow White when she found out her stepmother planned to kill her, but still Snow White had a caring and loving heart to the friends she met in the woods.

  18. Answer 2: Snow White was the fairest because she was really kind and sweet.
    Answer 1: Snow White was doing the house ? work because she was in the 7 Dwarfs house, not in her own.

  19. Because the little elves were having too much work in their house.
    because snow white was white like the snow and hair was black like the dark.

  20. 1- Because the house was there and she was still cleaning their house.

    2- Snow White was the fairest of them all because she was helpful, nice and did not disrespect anyone.

  21. I know why it was important that the seven dawrfs and snow white shared the house chores.They shared the housework because the house was they’res and she was still cleaning their house and making their food.I know why snow white was the fairest of them all.She was the fairest of them all because she was helpful and nice and did not disrespect anyone.

  22. You left part of the story out. You forgot to mention that to make it really fair, Snow White also went to work in the mines in the dirt and the filth, wielding a pick all day, with the dwarfs to do her share of work there and bring the money home….. or was she only going to sit at home and do her “fair” share of housework, while the dwarfs did their ” fair” share of housework but also toiled in the mines to support Snow White?

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