New Bedtime Story: Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow. A Legend Story.

NEW!!! A Bedtime Story in Simple English for Kids. Robin Hood takes part in an archery contest thrown by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Will he realize its a trap before it is too late? One of the many Tales of Robin Hood.

Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow Legend Story

Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow Story ~ Legend Stories for Kids 

This is the Tale of Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow, a Legend Story for Kids. It is one of the many adventures of Robin HoodIt is adapted and brought to you by Stories to Grow by. 

In all the land, none was better with a bow and arrow than Robin Hood.  He lived with his band of Merry Men in Sherwood Forest, the woods where the King’s deer were kept.

A few years before, King Richard had ruled the land.  King Richard let the poor come to Sherwood Forest and hunt deer to get food for their families. But the time came for him to leave with his army.  And as soon as he was gone, his younger brother John took over the throne. Bad King John did not want anyone coming into Sherwood Forest to hunt the royal deer.  From then on, anyone who was seen hunting the King’s deer in Sherwood Forest would be hanged!

Dressed in green from cap to boots, Robin Hood was not easy to find in the woods.  The bushes and trees of Sherwood Forest hid him as he hunted the King’s deer. Robin Hood and his Merry Men would hide with ease when rich nobles and dukes passed through the woods.  All at once, they would jump out and rob the rich men. Then Robin Hood gave all the money to the poor.

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