May 2023

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May 2023 Newsletter

In this edition: Stories to Grow By reinforces the importance of reading to kids and showcases the story "The Enormous Turnip"!

Reinforcing The Importance of Reading

New Studies to Share on The Importance of Reading to Kids

Reading to children is not only a great bonding experience, but it also has numerous benefits for their cognitive and emotional development. Recent research has uncovered new developments about the advantages of reading to children. A study published in the Journal of Pediatrics in 2019 found that reading to children from a young age promotes early language development and can even lead to better academic performance in the future. Another peer-reviewed study published in Frontiers in Psychology in 2020 discovered that reading to children can improve their social-emotional development by promoting empathy, understanding emotions, and building social skills.

In addition to these benefits, Stories to Grow By provides an incredible resource for parents looking to incorporate reading into their child's daily routine. The website offers a wide range of stories that are suitable for children of all ages, including traditional tales, myths, and legends from around the world. Reading these stories with children can help them develop a love for reading, build vocabulary, and improve listening skills. The website also includes discussion questions and activities that parents can use to engage children in critical thinking and promote comprehension.

Parents can take advantage of these new developments by making reading a regular part of their child's routine, starting from a young age. Incorporating websites like Stories to Grow By can also make reading more engaging and enjoyable for both children and parents. By reading to their children, parents can promote early language and cognitive development, improve social-emotional skills, and create a strong bond that will last a lifetime.


The Enormous TurnipThe Enormous Turnip

May 2023 Featured Story

As we are in the heart of spring in the northeastern part of the United States, where Stories to Grow By is headquartered, we thought it would be nice to share a spring story! We are in the middle of rainy season right before all the flowers and some crops come into full bloom. This month we are sharing on of our lesser known but incredible stories, The Enormous Turnip!

The Enormous Turnip is a short story about a family that discovers a...enormous turnip growing on their land and has to work together to try and pull it out of the ground. It is silly, and lighthearted - the perfect quick read.

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