Celebrate Girls of Courage in Stories for Women’s History Month

Modern #MeToo Fairytales Stories to Inspire

Celebrate Girls of Courage in Stories for Women's History Month

Stories to Grow by is proud to celebrate Girls of Courage in Stories for Women's History Month. What an important message in your classroom or in your home, celebrating strong women and what better way to share their accomplishments than through bedtime stories! 
Multicultural Stories from around the world such as Mulan, Pocahontas, The Girl & the Chenoo, Janet & Thomalyn, and the ever popular "Snow Queen" which the Disney movie "Frozen" is based on, showcase fierce female heroines. We also have a collection of #MeToo stories which take our classic fairy tales and add a modern twist with a strong female role model and a valuable lesson. We hope you will find these stories inspiring to read at home as Bedtime Stories or in the classroom. Disney's "Mulan" is one of my son's favorite Disney movies so be assured that both girls and boys will come away from these stories having learned important moral lessons. 
Here are the links to some of our stories which showcase the March Theme: Girls of Courage! Click here for our collection of Bedtime Stories. 
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