Lesson Plan: The Girl Who Changed Her Fate: Theme of Self-Reflection


Looking for a great story to excite your students about the New Year, while also reinforcing the theme of Self-Reflection and the idea that we all have control over our own fate? Would you also like to have some fun in your literary classroom before Winter Break by having the students participate in Reader’s Theater? Then we have the perfect tale for you from Greece, The Girl Who Changed Her Fate. Offered in both a story and play script version, this is sure to round out the end of your school year and excite your students about the possibilities that the New Year brings.

The Girl Who Changed Her Fate:

The story of Alena, the youngest of three sisters, who has been determined to have an ill-fate. She leaves her home so that she no longer brings ill-will to her sisters, only to find that her ill-fate follows her no matter where she goes. Determined to change the course of her life, she goes in search of her fate. Can she change her fate, literally and figuratively?

A story from Greece, this is a great tale to tie into a unit on Greek or Roman Mythology. We love it to be a New Year’s story, one of Self-Reflection, to spark the discussion with your students on the idea of determining one’s own fate and the chance that New Year’s brings to change and renew ourselves and our goals in 2017.

Teaching the Girl Who Changed Her Fate:

This story meets Common Core Standards for 3rd-6th grade and is a great springboard to create a Story Map of your students “Story for 2018” with short and long-term goals for the new year and beyond. You could also further the learning with higher level thinking skills by doing a unit on Greek Mythology and/or by having a classroom debate over Greek Philosophy: those who think are destinies are planned by Fate/s vs. those that think we have complete control over our destiny. Extend your standard learning of the literary skills with a story that your students will sure to ponder and love. Happy Storytelling!

A positive message while teaching an important literary skill: this is what you will find in all the Stories to Grow by Stories and accompanying Reader’s Theater scripts.

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