Reading Comprehension: Learning the Elements of a Story ~ Setting, Characters, Plot, Conflict and Theme 


A story can be broken down into many different parts. Breaking a story down into its parts helps with Reading Comprehension. These parts, called Story Elements, are what make the story interesting. The Setting tells where and when the story happens. The Characters are the people or animals in the story. The Plot of the story consists of the beginning(exposition), rising action, middle (climax), falling action and the conclusion or end of the story. The Conflict or Main Problem is found during the middle of the story and is solved during the falling action. The Theme is what the author of the story is trying to show you or teach you by the end of the story.

We will explore Reading Comprehension through these Story Elements using many of our Classic Fairy Tales and Folktale Stories for Kids. Each story will have its own focus to practice Reading Comprehension and understanding of the Story Elements.