February 2023

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February 2023 Newsletter

In this edition: Stories to Grow By highlights updates at PlayAloud and showcases the story "The Hidden Scar".

PlayAloud - Updates for Educators & Families

PlayAloud is now ISTE Certified

At the end of 2022 Stories to Grow By launched PlayAloud. PlayAloud is Stories to Grow By's tool for reading apprehension. It is a great way to engage readers to build Fluency, Expression, and Confidence through fun, and interactive play scripts. One of the main features that PlayAloud offers is exclusive PlayAlong audio beside the speaking lines of each role in our kid-tested play scripts.



Today, we are happy to announce to our Stories to Grow By readers that PlayAloud has been officially ISTE certified and listed on EdSurge's product index. PlayAloud utilizes a science supported, and evidence based approach to combat reading apprehension. We are honored to be trusted alongside the very best in educational technology. Try PlayAloud FREE today, and see how it can help the struggling readers in your life.


The Hidden Scar: The Story of the Willow Leaf Eyebrow

February 2023 Featured Story

The Hidden Scar: The Story of the Willow Leaf Eyebrow is a perfect story for February and for Valentine's Day. It is part of our collection of Free Valentine's Day Stories for Kids. The Hidden Scar is a Chinese tale about a girl named Chen Lien who is very self-conscious about a large scar, caused by a childhood accident, that crosses one of her eyebrows.

The Hidden Scar is a story that contains messages about self love and finding others who care about you and look deeper than your physical appearance. 

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