Carrots & Cake

Introducing Carrots&Cake, a revolutionary parental control learning app designed to make screen time more beneficial and less addictive for kids. Developed by parents, doctors, teachers, and scientists, Carrots&Cake applies science-based solutions to promote healthy digital habits. With Carrots&Cake, kids learn first and play later, following the age-old parenting principle of "eat your carrots before your cake." Parents select their favorite educational apps for their kids to complete before accessing playtime, fostering delayed gratification and building resilience.

Grounded in behavioral neuroscience, psychology, and cognitive science, Carrots&Cake reduces the firing of the brain's reward pathway, keeping dopamine levels balanced and helping kids remain in control of their devices. By promoting delayed gratification and using motivational interviewing techniques, kids learn to self-regulate and identify their intrinsic motivation. With Carrots&Cake, kids focus on learning without distractions and develop skills through consistent daily effort. Say goodbye to mindless scrolling and hello to healthy, balanced screen time with Carrots&Cake.